İngilizce Egzersiz – 24-30 Egzersizler

Egzersiz 24. —


deep: deeper, deepest dear: dearer, dearest hard: harder, hardest bad: worse, the worst high: higher, highest clever: more clever, most clever good: better, the best narrow: more narrow, most narroweasy: easier, easiest, rich: richer, richest, short: shorter, shortest sharp: sharper, sharpest little: less, the least thick: thicker, thickest old: older, oldest great: greater, greatest wise: wiser, wisest bitter: more bitter, most bitter.
Egzersiz 25. —

apple — bridge — brush — cold — clean — night — straight — death —- lesson — work — last — fish — feeble — sad — glove — garden — horse — difficult — month — hat — ice — key — lip — match — news — name — pair — rich — snow — teacher — ugly — tongue — yellow — red — blue — star.

1)    You are more clever than Tom: Siz Tom’dan daha zekisiniz.

2)    Tom is as all as you are: Tom sizin kadar boyludur.

3)    My house is not small as yours: Evim sizinki kadar küçük değildir.

(sıfat) than – dan, den. as (sıfat) as – kadar not so (sıfat) as – kadar.- değil mânasına kullanılır.


Egzersiz 26 —


I am more careful than you are. — You are not so strong as I am. — Selma is less pretty than I am. — Tom is as rich as you are. — Oil is less heavy than water. — Health is more precious than money- — I am as delicate as you are. — It is not so simple as you think. — You are as wise as I am, indeed. — But you are not so delicate as I am.

Egzersiz 27. —

A violent poison. — An industrious person. — A na­tural death. — A strong man without fear or a strong man with no fear- — A dirty place without light or a dirty place with no light. — A boy without care or girl with no care. — A heavy liquid. — A solid metal.

—   Health is the most precious thing. — You are very kind, indeed!

It is six o’clock: Saat altıdır.

It is five minutes to six: Altı’ya beş var.

It is five minutes past six: Altı’yı beş geçiyor. Eğer altıya baş varsa (to) kullanılır, it is five minutes

to six.

Eğer altı’yı beş geçiyorsa, (past) gelir: it is five minutes

past six.

morning – sabah                            evening – akşam

midday; noon – öğle                        night – gece

afternoon – öğleden sonra midnight – gece yansı

early in the morning: sabahın ilk saatlan (idiom) late in the evening: gece geç vakit (idiom)


Egzersiz 28. —


There are four seasons in a year. — The seasons of the year are: spring, summer, autumn and winter.

—    The cold season is winter. — The first season is spring. — The season after spring is summer- — The season before winter is autumn. — The season bet­ween spring and autumn is summer. — In summer the sun is hot. — The fifth month of the year is May.

—    The last month of the year is December. — The month between October and December is November.

—   The month before June is May. — The month after February is March- — The third day of the week is Wednesday. — The day after Saturday is Sunday. — The day before Friday is Thursday. — The bed is in the bedroom.


Egzersiz 29. —


Geçmiş zamanGelecek zaman
I had a bookI shall have a book
I was sleepy I had some milkI shall be sleepy I shall have some milk
She had a bookShe will have a book
You were not hungryYou will not be hungry
We had not a ballWe shall not have a ball
You were not richYou will not be rich
They were thirstyThey will be thristy
Egzersiz 30. —

The ball is round. -— In winter the weather is cold. — The boat is in the sea. — The milk is white- — The flowers are beautiful. — The nights are short in sum­mer. — The lion is strong. — In summer the weather is warm.

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