İngilizce Egzersiz – 11-15 Egzersizler

Egzersiz 11.—

Man has two hands. — There are five fingers in a hand. — Each hand has five fingers. — My father has a brother, he is my uncle. — Your mother has a sister, she is your aunt. — We have bread and they have butter. — You have tea and she has coffee. — She has two red cheeks- — He has four pairs of shoes and twelve stockings. — Men have not two heads. — Each child has parents. — I have not eleven hats, but I have three. — I have an idea.


Egzersiz 12. —


Adil is feeble, he is not strong. — Leylâ is pretty, she is not ugly. — We are good boys, we are not bad boys. — The night is short, it is not long- — I am very young, I am not old. — The days are clear, they are not dark. — My father is not old, he is young. — Your uncle is very kind, but your aunt is not nice. — My father’s house is big, it is not small. — Your sister’s nose is very pretty, it is not ugly. — Your garden is large, it is not small. — My fingers are thin, they are not thick. — The door and the window are open, they are not closed-

I have                                – Benim var

have I?                               – Benim var mı?

I have not                          – Benim yok

Fiil, zamirin önüne getirilince soru şekli olur: have I?

Olumsuzluk (menfi) şekil, sona (not) ilâvesiyle yapılır:

Your have a red book               – Sizin kırmızı bir kitabımz var.

Have you a red book?              – Sizin kırmızı bir kitabınız var mı? You have not a red book – Sizin kırmızı bir kitabınız yok.

I am                       – ben im

am I?                     – ben miyim?

I anı not               – ben değilim

We are lazy                        – biz tembeliz

Are we lazy?                      – tembel miyiz?

We are not lazy.               – biz tembel değiliz.


Egzersiz 13.—

Are we poor? — Have we two feet? — Are they very rich? — Has he a horse? — Am I ready? — Is she ugly? — Have they much sugar? — Is the road wet?


Egzersiz 14. —


We have two eyes. — The colour of the sea is blue. — There are seven days in a week. — There are four weeks in a month. — The horse has four feet. — Yes, the cat is an animal- — Yes, the snow is white. — No, the ice is not hot. — No, the water is not dry. — Yes, every house has a roof. — The colour of snow is white, — The colour of blood is red.

İngiliz dilinde sıfatlar, Türkçede olduğu gibi, sıfatlandırdığı isminin tekil veya çoğul olmasıyla değişmez:

the boys is ill – çocuk hastadır, the boys are ill – çocuklar hastadır.

Egzersiz 15.—

The bridges are high. — The rings are round and bright. — Who are these good girls? — They are my friends. — Births are the start of life. — Deaths are the end of life. — These gentlemen are my grand’ fathers. — The ovens are hot-

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