Pantera yayıncılık 7 sınıf ingilizce ders kitabı cevapları

7. Sınıf Pantera yayıncılık ders kitabı cevapları sayfa numaralarına göre belirtilmiştir.

8.Sayfa cevapları



b) well-built

c) talented

d) slim

e) intellgent


2. Bölüm

2. Complete the sentences with the odd words in exercise 1.

a) Basketball players are usually__tall_____ .
b) Superman is a ___well-built_____ animation character.
c) Scientists are _____intelligent_______ people.
d) Artists are ____talented_____ people.
e) Fashion models are usually _____slim______ .

9.Sayfa cevapları

3.Bölüm için kendi cevabınızı yazmanız gerekiyor.

4.Bölüm cevapları


10.Sayfa cevapları

5.Bölüm cevabı : Jennifer is on the left side of the teacher.

6. Bölüm cevapları

a) No, she doesn’t
b) They are in the maths club
c) She has got blue eyes.

7.Bölüm için kendi cevabınızı yazmanız gerekiyor.


8.Bölüm cevapları

Hair style: curly, straight, wavy, bald

Hair colour: black

Eye colour: blue, hazel, green

Build: slim, stumpy, well-built


11.Sayfa cevapları

9.Bölüm cevapları

Jane is thin and tall. She has got long red hair and green eyes. She is lovely.

Tom is plump. He has got short curly hair and brown eyes. He is shy.

Carol is thin and tall. She has got short blond hair and blue eyes. She is friendly.

Mike is an old man with short white hair.

Terry is a cheerful man with short curly hair and blue eyes.

Sharon is a moody girl. She has got brown hair and brown eyes.

10.Bölüm cevapları

Describing People: She’s Tall
She is ___tall____ . Oh, yes. She is ___beautiful_____ .
That is my ___teacher____ . Oh, she is ___tall_____ .
He is ___nice_____ . Oh, yes. He is ___wonderful_____ .
That is my ___uncle_____ . Oh, he is ___nice_____ .


12.Sayfa cevapları

11.Bölüm cevapları

a) Mr. Clark

b) Mrs. Lorente

c) Mr. Jason

d) Mrs Kimber


13.Sayfa cevapları

12.Bölüm evapları

a. ______Mr. Jason___________ is a funny teacher.
b. ______Mr. Clark___________ is taller than Mr. Jason.
c. ______Mrs. Lorente___________ has got long straight blond hair and green eyes.
d. ______Mrs. Lorente___________ is more generous than other teachers at school.
e. ______Mrs. Kimber___________ doesn’t like late students because she is punctual.


13.Bölüm cevapları

What does Mr. Jason look like?
Mr. Jason has got curly red hair. He is plump.

What is Mrs. Kimber like?
Mrs. Kimber is a strict lady. She is very punctual. She is honest. She isn’t easygoing.


14.Bölüm cevapları

1. more cheerful
2. more thoughtful
3. younger
4. more energetic


14.Sayfa cevapları

15.Bölüm için cevaplar

I like Will smith because he is more funny than Brad Pitt.

I like Beyonce very much because she is more positive than Meghan Trainor.

I like Brad Pitt because he is more handsome than Will Smith.

I like Meghan Trainor because she is more beautiful than Beyonce.


15.Sayfa cevapları

16.Bölüm için cevap şıkkı B

17. Bölüm için doğru cevap

The burglar is middle aged. He is plump. He has got green eyes. His hair is curly.

18.Bölüm cevaplar

1 – c. scar
2 – b. mask
3 – a. torch


19.Bölüm cevabı

The burgler is young. He is plump. He has blue eyes. His hair is straight. His har colour is brown. He wears green pants and orange sweater.


20.Bölüm için kendi cevabınızı yazmanız gerekiyor.


21. Bölüm için cevaplar

Robbie is more outgoing than Adriana.
Adriana is more active than Robbie.
Robbie is more adventurous than Adriana.
Adriana is more generous than Robbie.


18.Sayfa cevapları

1.Bölüm cevabı

a. The best day of my life in Disneyland

19.Sayfa cevapları

2.Bölüm cevapları

a. costume
b. roller coaster
c. souvenirs


3.Bölüm cevapları

a. Sally is in Paris. False
b. Mandy was in Disneyland Park yesterday. True
c. Mandy was with Kevin and Flora. True
d. Mandy could see Haunted House. False
e. There was a big parade of Disney characters at 7 pm. False

4.bölüm cevapları

1. c. She is in Paris.

2.  d. She was in Disneyland

3. a. She was with her friends.

4. b. It was at 5 pm.


5.Bölüm için kendi cevabınızı yazmanız gerekiyor.


6.bölüm cevapları

a. I was in Gölbaşı.

b. I was there in the summer.

c. I was with my father and my uncle.

d. First time I saw the lake. And also I learnt how to catch fishes.


20.Sayfa cevapları

7. Bölüm cevapları

He is Aziz Sancar and he is in the Nobel prize ceremony.


8 Bölüm cevapları

1.C 2.E 3.A 4.D 5.B