İngilizce Egzersiz 46-53 Egzersizler

Egzersiz 46—


The soldiers fight for their country. — The birds are on the branch. — The eggs are in the basket. — The doors of the school are brown. — Brains are the centre of intelligence- — The boys know their lesson.

—    The ladies love their friends.

Can — may — must

You can go to school: Siz okula gidebilecek du­rumdasınız (yani, eğer isterseniz okula gidebilirsiniz).

You may go to school: Siz okula gidebilirsiniz (ya­ni gitmenize müsaade ediliyor).

You must go to school: Siz okula gitmelisiniz (yani okula gitmeye mecbursunuz).

Şu halde: can – imkân, yetki, may – ihtimal, izin, must- zor, yüküm,

anlatan yardımcı fiillerdir.

Egzersiz 47. —

The rain.

It is nearly as dark as night. It will rain soon. It is beginning to rain. What large drops!

The ducks are very glad; they are very fond of rain. But the little birds are not pleased at all. They go and shelter themselves under the green leaves of the trees.

Now the rain is over. The flowers smell sweet, and the sun shines, and the little birds sing again.

Egzersiz 48. —

I   loved my parents. — I lost my key. — We arrived


at five o’clock. — You danced with my sister. — They bought many new books. — He borrowed some money from his brother. — We received a special letter. — They gave us false news. — She kissed her friend. — I paid my debt. — You walked with her in the garden. — After lunch I played at cards.

—     Yesterday, I rose early in the morning. — The other day she sang a beutiful song. — The cat killed ihe mouse. — We smoked a Turkish cigarette- — They smelt the flowers of your garden. — And they ş,te the fruits of my garden.

Egzersiz 49. —

«Çok sık sinemaya gidiyorsunuz.»

«Oh, evet, hayatta en büyük zevkimdir.»

«Lâkin ben tiyatroyu tercih ederim.»

«Oh, hayır, hiç de sevmem onu»

«Peki, yazın çok sıcak olduğu zamanlarda bile gider misiniz?»

«Evet, iki film birden gösterdikleri için.»

«En çok komediyi mi, yoksa dramı mı seversiniz?»

«İyi oynanmış ise, her ikisini de severim.»

«Haftada kaç kere sinemaya gidersiniz?»

«Haftada iki, hattâ üç kez sinemaya giderim.»

«Bunun için çok para harcıyor olmalısınız!»

«Oh, hayır, babam gazetecidir.»

Egzersiz 50. —

The ill man rose from his bed and walked. — I did not look him in the face. — The soldiers fought bravely. — Jane has done her work. — I wrote to you before I left the town- — The mountain is covered with snow. — We walked in the country. — John has bought a nice penknife. — The tree was broken by the storm. —


I have taken the liberty of asking you a questiton.

—    The men finished their work with great care. — Have you found the book that was lost? — I sat down to write a letter. — I have sent a faithful servant’ — She has forgotten her old friends. — My brother has taken a long journey. — We have seen strange things. — The jewels were lost and they were found.

—    Riza has taken my book. — The horse has been sold. — I have done my duty.

Egzersiz 51. —

The sun will rise (gelecek zaman). — They boy reads a book (şimdiki z.). — My father slept here (geçmiş z.).

—    We shall walk in the garden (gelecek z.). — The men refused to begin work (geçmiş z.). — You will

finish the exercises (gelecek z.)______________ They swim very

fast (şimdiki z.). — She gave me her address (geç­miş z.). — We heard a good music (geçmiş z.). — The boy makes too much noise (şimdiki z.). — My sister has gone to London (geçmiş z.). — They saw me in the street (geçmiş z.). — He will help us (gele­cek z.). — She sings the song of her native country (şimdiki z.) — They will go to the beach (gelecek z.).

—    The girl buys gloves from the shop (şimdiki z.).


Egzersiz 52.—•

easy – easily                        safe – safely

sweet – sweetly                  bad – badly

pleasant – pleasantly         sure – surely

violent – violently              Svise – wisely


Egzersiz 53. —


delight – delightfulright – rightful
use – usefulbeauty – beautiful
pity – pitifulmercy – merciful

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