İngilizce Pasif Cümlelerde By Kullanımı

 Bu yazıda, ingilizcede pasif cümlelerde by kullanımını göreceğiz. Konu anlatımını, örnek cümleleri anlatacağız.






Pasif cümlelerde genellikle eylemin oluşuyla ilgilenilir. Örneğin:
The missing child has been found.
German is spoken in Austria.
Eğer eylemi yapanın kim olduğundan söz edeceksek, by kullanırız:
The missing child was found by a French family.
Urdu is spoken by a lot of people in London.
Thousands of fish were killed by the chemicals.
Aşağıdaki örnek cümleleri inceleyelim:
The name of the new school is being decided by a committee of parents and governers.
Most of the cost of universisty education is paid by the government.
I’m being taught how to use a computer by granddaughter.
The window was broken by a tree that fell over in the storm.

Pasif soru cümlelerinde ise şu yapıyı tercih ederiz:
Who… by?
I really like the statue in the square. Who was it made by?
Who were you invited by?
Aşağıdaki cümlelerde Who …by? soru yapısını inceleyelim:
Look at this beautiful photo.(take)
Dune is my favorite science fiction book. (write) Who was it written by?
Do you remember that song Over the Rainbow? (sing) Who was it sung by?
That is a wonderful picture. (paint) Who was it painted by?
Casablanca is the greatest film of all time. (direct) Who was it directed by?
Our village school is a beautiful building. (build) Who was it built by?
I really like the name of the new school. (choose) Who was it chosen by?